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b. 1948
Boheme xx - Tåby II xx
A great Cross Country horse.

b. 1976
Utrillo 432 - Immer 359

b. 1985
Marino 554 - Falstaff 474

Berlock and Turmalin
b. 1987
f. Trofé 703

Berlock and Kamé
b. 1984
f. Krevad 579

Arrogant b. 1976 f. Pargos ox, mother a tinker mare from Ireland. What a gentleman! Anna and Arrogant had so much fun together.

Annas first pony Apache, a Welsh Mountain f. Revel Crown m. Polaris Angylaid.

Billas Petunia with Ares Peso.

Billas Petunia with Ares Pensé

Furunäs Beata with Ares Berlock.

Ares Pelargonia

Furunäs Beata with Ares Berta.

b. 1982
Granit 546 - Hamurabi ox - Optimist 443

Billas Petunia

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