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The first litter of Jack Russell Terrier arrived on the 18th of March 2004, their pedigree was all Swedish and like Pixie, the father came from Limelights Kennels.

Two boys and three girls were born and one of the girls was a tricolour, the rest were white & tan.

They are only twelve hours old in the picture. Pixie managed the whelping all by her self and I only had to sit besides and encorage.

When the puppies are one week old, they have grown a lot. Pixie is a very good mother, they eat and sleep, eat and sleep.

Abbie tries to "smell" what is going on. It is not easy when you can't see or hear.



"Aggie, Allie and Abbie"


Two weeks old, Pixie still takes care of everything. The eyes are open, but they do not see very much and sleeps most of the time, except when they eat..
They have grown!

On the day they turn five weeks old, the puppies take their first meal on the kitchen floor. They have now got the taste for dogfood. Suddenly they like to eat and Pixie gets a break. Good for her!


Three puppies left, that soon also will leave. Nine weeks old and first time in a real dogbed, in the kitchen, whithout being locked up. Oh how well they sleep!

Duckling's JR Abbie lives in Kalmar and has many friends.

Veronica and Jessie, Duckling's JR Allie, finished second with 71% and 79% respectively, in Obedience Competition kl 1, at the Jack Russell Clubs Best Obedience Dog 2006 and 2007.

Updated 2008-02-14

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