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Siri - Hot N Tot

Siri - Hot N Tot

Chivas - Hit N Run

Chivas - Hit N Run

Mille - Hide N Seek

Siri - Hot N Tot

Mille - Hide N Seek

Chivas - Hit N Run

Lovisa came and brought "Bell" home.

Only "Siri" and "Hedda" left.

Duckling's JR Just Hide N Seek moves to Norway and is called Mille.
Thea 10 years old promise to take good care of her.

Filling up!

Tired at eight weeks.

The puppies are trying out the new dog yard.

Future owners of a JRT pup visiting.

Hug N Snug with daddy.

Hot N Tot and Hip N Hop

Hip N Hop with Doxy

Hop N Pop with Matilda

Columbus and his offspring.

Hit N Run, tired!

The puppies have lovely days in the sun, five weeks old.

Guess who's the boy!

Hip N Hop and Hug N Snug

The puppies enjoy their food!

19 days old.


Hit N Run

Hide N Seek

Hip N Hop

Hop N Pop

Hot N Tot

Hug N Snug

Not much happens really, eyes opened, but only sleeping and eating!




Duckling's JR Just Hit N Run




Duckling's JR Just Hide N Seek

Duckling's JR Just Hip N Hop

Duckling's JR Just Hop N Pop

Duckling's JR Just Hot N Tot

Duckling's JR Just Hug N Snug
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