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Finally Anna came and brought Kiara home, but there were others that wanted to join too.

Now Kip and Kaitlin are alone with their mother and the food bowl. Kip will stay till he finds a family of his own.

We met halfway to make it easy for the pups, halfbrother and halfsister
was there too. Kaspar and Kylie behaved well.

Klownie moves to Finland.

Karlotta is going to Germany.

We like visitors!

Are you my new mum?

Ninni and Helene have been visiting.

Not space for all!

Four small girls.

Let us out!!!

Three weeks old.

Time for visitors.

Becoming small dogs, up on their feet, but mostly sleeping.

They are growing so fast, ten days!

Perfect picture, two days old.

One day old.



Duckling's JR Just Kaspar

Duckling's JR Just Kip



Duckling's JR Just Kaitlin

Duckling's JR Just Karlotta

Duckling's JR Just Kiara

Duckling's JR Just Klownie

Duckling's JR Just Kylie
Updated 2012-07-16
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