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Eight months old, "Ludde" Let It Be got his own family to take care of.

Ludde needs a grooming!


Lussan 5 five months old.

Ludde five months old.

When Love Me Do "Billy" was nine weeks old he moved to
his older half brother Just Cinnamon, "Chico".

Eight weeks old, time for vaccination and health check.

Let It Be and Lucille.

Lucy, Love Me Do and Lucille

Two boys, Let It Be and Love Me Do

Six weeks old, enjoying their sour milk.

Five weeks old, soon not so easy to control!

Time to introduce puppie gruel and real food, Matilda shows the way.

Three weeks old, suddenly small dogs, up on their feet.

Nine days, growing fast!

Three days old.



Duckling's JR Just Let It Be

Duckling's JR Just Love Me Do



Duckling's JR Just Lady Madonna

Duckling's JR Just Lucille

Duckling's JR Just Lucy In The Sky
Updated 2013-07-11
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