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Duckling's JR Just Mosh, better known as "Max".

In July 2015 Mazurka emigrated to Port Elizabeth, South Africa
to live with Heather Van De Vyver at Heatherbell Jack Russells.
This is her new family, Mazurka in the middle.

Mazurka on the move.

Macarena on the beach with old friend.

Mazurka and Mosh with older friends.

Daddy Dylan with son Mosh.

Moon 11 weeks.

Madison with her young master.

Madison meeting her new family.

Macarena stays on Öland
with Alma, Monica and Gunnar.

Mosh moves to Stockholm and
shall work at an architecture firm.

Five left, four more to go! Nine weeks old.

Moon moved to Sarah in Norway.

Moon eight weeks, looking very promising!

Whole litter almost 7 weeks.

Dumbo puppies, Mosh and Moon.





Macarena and Mambo


Macarena and Mambo

Already five weeks old, nice with some shadow when it is hot!

... and they were hungry! 22 days old.

Soon three weeks old, much is happening!

Day 14 - eating, sleeping and they have got eyes!

Day three.



Duckling’s JR Just Mambo

Duckling's JR Just Moon Walk

Duckling’s JR Just Mosh



Duckling's JR Just Macarena

Duckling's JR Just Mazurka

Duckling's JR Just Madison
Updated 2015-10-26
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