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Born December 27, 2014  
Male Female
Duckling’s JR Just Ohio Duckling’s JR Just Oklahoma

Finaste Olle, fem månader.

Olle 14 weeks.

Olga 14 weeks.

Pups getting used to be part of the pack...
and to show respect for the elder!

Not much needed for a race... a twig is OK!

Nine weeks old.

First time outdoors... very exciting!! Go to ground?

Lazy Sunday - 7 weeks old.

Chubby "Olle" 6 weeks

Chubby "Olga" 6 weeks

30 days old, very interested in the world "outside".

Almost four weeks old, start to play...

Duckling's JR Just Ohio 17 days old.

Duckling's JR Just Oklahoma 12 days old.

One week old.



Duckling’s JR Just Ohio

Duckling's JR Just Oklahoma
Updated 2015-05-24
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