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Duckling's JR Just Qutie
Best In Show at The Jack Russell Terrier Club in the UK, Open Show.
Judge Mr Paul Wilkinson

Qutie, "Lana" at a Show, two years old.

Quizlet, "Kajsa" enjoys herself in front of the fireplace.

Qurious, "Morris" taking a jump.

Quippy, "Marta" likes the snow.

Duckling's JR Just Qwerty, "Mille", on the beach.
Last pup to leave was Qutie, she had a long way to travel. Here she is with her new family Lesley and David Roberts in Scotland, UK, at Mindlen Terriers.

Qutie 12 weeks old.

Proud rat hunter!!

Qutie stays with mum.

Where are the others, asks Qutie.

Sweet Marta stays on Oland.

Benjen moved to Angelika in Alem.

Mille is having a bath on the West Coast,
but will probably bath in Spain later too.

Morris is staying on Oland for the summer,
then he will move to the big city.

Kajsa moved with Carine and Sven to Altytan.

Marta got employed by the vet!

Nothing wrong with the appetite. The puppies is ready for vaccination and
health inspection, they all passed and behaved like small angels!

Quizlet 7 weeks

Quippy 7 weeks

Qutie 7 weeks

One months old, very well behaved in this picture!

First solid meal, nothing wrong with the apetite!

Suddenly they are small dogs!!

Two weeks old, mum enjoys a marrow bone.
Dewormed the first time and nails cut. No problem!

So hot weather...

One week old.

Fifth day

Third day



Duckling’s JR Just Quick

Duckling's JR Just Qurious

Duckling’s JR Just Qwerty



Duckling's JR Just Quippy

Duckling's JR Just Quizlet

Duckling’s JR Just Qutie
Updated 2019-04-08
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