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"Selma" Duckling's JR Just Twinkle.

"Moltas" has done his BPH, behavior and personality assessment.






Melvin, Duckling's JR Just Rough N Tough is taking care
of his smaller brother.

Tit Bit will spend time on Öland every summer.

Ticky stays with mum for a while...

Twinkle is having chews on the
Swedish west coast.

Moltas moved to big brother Melvin
in Stockholm.

Zoe moved to Eva and got new
dog friends.

"Emil" stays on Öland with
Inga and KG.

Rumba takes care of the dishes from the puppies.

Outdoors for the first time, it got a bit chilly,
so they all gathered in the igloo.

Twinkle 5 weeks old.

Already one month old.

Cosy corner!

Not tricolored, but dark white/tan boy and girl, so lovely!

It is getting crowded!

Katie chewing a carrot while feeding her one week old puppies!

Very relaxed mum, four days old.




Duckling’s JR Just Trick Or Treat

Duckling’s JR Just Truth Or Dare



Duckling's JR Just Tic Tac Toe

Duckling’s JR Just Twinkle

Duckling’s JR Just Tit Bit

Duckling's JR Just Tiramisu
Updated 2012-08-18
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