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"Bilbo" Duckling's JR Just Ugo with his lovely family.

"Umka" Duckling's JR Just Ultra

"Bilbo" Duckling's JR Just Ugo has become a beach boy.

"Happy" Duckling's JR Just Una
moved to big sister "Penny"
Duckling's JR Just Rise N Shine.

"Umka" Duckling's JR Just Ultra
went shopping, she does not
live in Sweden!

Ticky is entertaining the puppies, nine weeks old.
Ugo has left for his new home and is now called Bilbo.

Out in the sun for the first time... 6 weeks old.

The boys

The girls

All together one month old.

First solid meal, no problem!

From one day to another.. they walk!!

Soon three weeks old.

Two weeks.

Eat, sleep, grow bigger...

One week old.

One day old.



Duckling’s JR Just Ugo

Duckling’s JR Just Uno



Duckling's JR Just Ultra

Duckling’s JR Just Una

Updated 2021-12-22
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