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You also find pictures of our puppies on each litters side.

.. and summer came with beautiful colours.

Different kind of wings.

Spring is here, the cranes have arrived.. no chase Jilly!

Water in the pond again after the summers drought.

Mice hunt in October.

Catch me if you can!

... and she can swim! A little low in the water, but it is the first time and she will learn!

Parts of the JRT family on the daily walk. The puppie Qutie has no problem to follow. It is dry!

Three generations having a first spring bath in the middle of April, Matilda, Ida and Olga.

Can you frighten a tractor? Maybe if we all help!

January 2016 - All in one picture, not so easy to achieve.

First snow for the year.

Homeward bound - cold, but happy feet!

December 16, first ice on the pond.

November is here...

...with nice walks.

Ida asks me to make the plums to fall!

Same procedure every year, the dogs wait for the plums to fall.

Bosse lets Dylan take care of the barking...
Here comes summer.. hot days of June.

... and April and spring arrived this year also!

There is something...

... in the tree!

Sun lovers!
In January 2015 Dylan's former master from Italy came for a visit. Maurizio and Dylan
took a walk and relived old memories. Both Bosse and Dylan put Italian bow ties on for
the picture taking and Bosse showed that he can dance!

Waiting for the bonfires... Happy New Year 2015.

Third Sunday of Advent 2014.

Welcome November.
September 2014 - The dogs always like meeting the neighbours on our walks.

The plum tree is loaded... and the plums are ready!

August 2014 - autumn is getting closer.

Lovely days on the lawn for the puppies.

Summer is coming...

Balance act!

Bosse and Dylan on spy a day in March 2014.

Mazurka on top!

Billie on top!

Autumn 2013

Sunbathing in September 2013. Matilda, Dylan, Billie and Boogie.

Anna and Mosh.

Nice weather!

Katie and Matilda cooling off!

Dylan enjoys summer

Happy boy!

Off to the pond we run in the summer...
Updated 2018-06-23
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