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You also find pictures of our puppies on each litters side.

Geoff is peeking, maybe suspicious
about the camera?

We received a greeting from Duckling's
Xantippe now 13 years old.
Duckling's JR Just Cumin, daughter of Jarnee/JR Just A Matilda has a beautiful litter in Norway.
Born on the 2nd of October 2010, one male and three females.

Summer 2010 was as hot as the winter had been cold!

Ella and ...

... Dockan.

Large and small friends.

Nice old Zally.

Winter 2010....

... I spy a rabbit!

Summer greetings from...

Cajsa, Duckling's JR Just Blues Beat.

Summer greetings from...

Duckling's JR Just Didrix By Tux.

Columbus and

... Cajsa

Please share with us Felix!

All in one picture.




The blackthorn is blooming.


Easter Holiday - nice weather!

Small helpers!

We got greetings from Tubbe...

... Duckling's Xerxes who soon will be 12 years old.

January 2009, finally some more snow!

First snow...

... hides the field mice!

Red Kelly and Helene came for a visit, what a hit! Kelly really did know how to play!
The MacBraedly boys - Nigel and Kid play.

Boogie and Matilda chasing Cajsa.

A hug before the bath!

Everybody wants to help!

Spring 2008. A bumblebee newly wakened.

Easter 2008 - photo session with the puppies. Everybody wants to join!

Backbeat is exploring his new homeland...

...with Frieda in the Netherlands.

Bebop Beat...

Jillaroo and Boogie Beat - mother and daughters.
Updated 2010-1-05
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