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You also find pictures of our puppies on each litters side.

Spring bath

Finally spring - Doxy looking for rabbits!

Doxy on holiday to southern Oland.

We loooove you Billie!

Young girls.



Winter day January 2013.

Autumn walk October 2012.

Breakfast, why are you not coming! I am Waiting!

Katie enjoying the late autumn sun.

Mice hunters, Dylan enjoys!

Small pup needs chewing bone to be happy. Everybody wants!

The lawn is green summer 2012.

Columbus and daughter Ella Fitz taking
a nap in the sun on Lake Effect Farm.

Joy making friends with her new
Border Terrier family.
Columbus and Joy made the jump over the Pond in March 2012. They were allowed
to travel in the same cage and was welcomed in Chicago by Mark and Columbus'
daughter Ella Fitz. Alan collected Joy, who continued her travel to Indiana and a
bunch of Border Terriers at Lyrical's Kennel.

First day of spring, already in middle of March!

It's so good to have a real friend, who shares even the most beatiful bone with you.

Pixie, oldest in the family 10 years and Ida, the youngest five months old.

Can you see them? Are they tasty?
Two fat, clumpsy dove chickens sitting in the cherry tree. Not for too long, as it seems!

Nice day in September.

There is something in the hedge!

Boogie and Columbus.
The new grooming table has arrived and of course we had to test it. Doxy is not over the moon, but stands nicely in the arm.
At least I am very happy about it!

"Cajsa" Duckling's JR Just Cardamom - let me in!
Everybody loves Hedda, Duckling's JR Just Hop N Pop.

Columbus got hold of the puppies toy that squeaked when he bit it!


Matilda and Hip N Hop

Gunilla and Boogie Beat are chatting.... do
you promise to take good care of my pup?

Doxy is kind to Boogie Beat's pups.
They can be kind of overwhelming!

Duckling's JR Just Bebop Beat sent us ...

... a greeting from her new family in USA.

Matilda and her breakfast.

Doxy's new doghouse.

First day of spring in March 2011.

Jillaroo and Boogie
Mother and pregnant daughter.

Daily walk in cold February, Boogie far left is pregnant to Columbus.

Xmas Eve 2010

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