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You also find pictures of our puppies on each litters side.

Christmas card from USA.
Bebop Beat and her Swedish friend Brösing's Australian Globetrotter
in Santas knee.

Christmas 2007...
so far no snow, but much frost.

Too cold! Boogie hesitates.

Full galopp - Nigel.

The continous searching for mice!

Mother and daughter.

Tug of War

Summer 2007 -  Zally the Lab and Nigel, the Terror!

Searching for fieldmice!!


And the spring came to Öland.
With the cranes, the skylarks and the nightingales.

But also with the tics and the vipers!

Matilda runs...

...hops and jumps!

Boxing Day 2006 - where is the snow???

In the gooseberry bush, mmm...good! Birdie and Zally show Matilda the way to pick.

Important to keep an eye at the gate! If you also fold up one ear you can hear better!

The summer 2006 was hot and dry, but then the rain came and the stream was filled with water again. To the dogs great pleasure!

Zally is babysitting Matilda!

My two girls from "Weona" Currabubula,
NSW Australia, Jarnee/JR Just Jillaroo
and Jarnee/JR Just A Matilda.

Matilda arrived the 19th of May 2006.
In spite or because of the long trip, she was full of beans the first day in Sweden!

You can't forget the winter 2006...

...very cold and lots of snow!


Some action please Felix, make a splash!!! Three JRTs who love water and are full of expectation.


Jillys first day in Sweden, February 2005.

Autumn bath

The Kid and Abbie

Duckling's Cosy, Proud Kajsa Varg, Tidernas Mary Queen of Scots,
Duckling's Blackbird, Juniper Pämela (Border Terrier) and Duckling's Inky.

Duckling's Umbra

Duckling's Piglet

Duckling's Jetbird

Duckling's Inky

Loving Will's Easter Duck

Duckling's Jetbird

Duckling's Blackbird, Cosy
and Glimpse

Christina and the Duckling labs

Duckling's Velvet

Tidernas Mary Queen of Scots
Tidernas Mary Queen of Scots was born on the 15th of July 1983 and came to me, as an eight weeks old puppie from Inger Boström, Tidernas Kennel.
She also came from old Proud Kennel bloodlines and she was the mother of Duckling's N, P, Q, S and U-litter.
I used her son Duckling's Perfect Groovie on Loving Will's Duckling and got very nice puppies. Unfortunately I did not keep one for myself.
When I look at her children and grandchildren I see a lot of old Myran.
She was a lovely dog, Inger!

Duckling's Seal with his owner Åsa.

Duckling's Huntsman

Duckling's Huntsman

Duckling's Cosy

Tidernas Mary Queen of Scots

Duckling's Cosy, Berlock and Christina
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